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Why Are Kashmir’s Dairy Farmers Shaking Off Milk in Drains

Milk Goes in Drains in Kashmir | Disheartening Story of Kashmir’s Dairy Farmers


Quite Strange, when something valuable goes into the garbage for a valid reason. Such is the condition of Kashmir’s Dairy farmers of Ganderbal district who are shaking off hundreds of litres of milk in the drains as they suffer losses.

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The doomed farmers of Repora village of Lar area of Ganderbal district allege that the decrease in demand for milk since the last one month has prompted them to take this action.



Having taken loans from the government for dairy farming, the farmers have been burdened by the losses in the business.


“For the past one month, we are selling only 40 percent of the milk. There are no buyers as the demand has decreased abruptly due to unknown reasons,” they said.


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