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Kangri Traditional Technology Of Kashmir

Kangri Traditional Technology Of Kashmir what is kangri in kashmir. Kangri is no less than a boon for the people of Jammu and Kashmir even in today’s technological age. In the midst of severe power crisis during snowfall, people of the valley use kangri only to keep the body warm.

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Snowfall season has returned in Jammu and Kashmir. As beautiful as the valley covered with white sheets looks during this time, it also comes as a big trouble for the people here. Falling of snow not only hinders daily activities but also makes it difficult to spend the winter days due to problems like power cuts. In the age of many technological and heat-generating electronic devices, if the people of Kashmir did not have the option of traditional kangri, the life of the people here could have been even more difficult. The question is, what is this kangri? explains:

Kangri is a mobile heater. People keep themselves warm in the snowy winters with the help of a fire burning in an earthen bowl inside a wooden basket. This is the only mobile heating option in Kashmir. It does not require electricity and you can easily carry out your everyday tasks with it.

How to Make Kangri.?

Kangri Traditional Technology Of Kashmir

In Kashmir, there is a tree named Willow Wicker, resembling bamboo. Its wood is specially used for making Kangri. To make Kangri, first a clay bowl is made. It is adjusted in a basket made of wicker wood in such a way that the earthen bowl cannot move easily nor can it come out of the basket easily.

Kangri is best for ‘Happy Environment’

Kangri Traditional Technology Of Kashmir

Gadi is friendly in every way to the people of the valley. The people of Kashmir wear a special dress, which is called Phiran. Kangri is fitted in this phiran. The people here do their daily chores by keeping Kangri in their phiran. It is very light in weight, so people take it with them while going to the market, working in the fields or even on travel. This is a special identity of the people of Kashmir Valley. It is very difficult for people to survive here without it. Kangri is also a very friendly system in terms of environment.

How does Kangri stay warm?

Kangri Traditional Technology Of Kashmir

Keeping the kangri warm for a long time is not for everyone. To keep it warm, hot ash from the stove is poured into an earthen bowl inside the kangri. Coal is placed on top of it. After this people keep it inside their robe. Coal keeps smoldering. Due to this, people keep their body warm in the weather of less than zero temperature.

Kangri  Art on Decoration

Kangri Traditional Technology Of Kashmir

Kangri is also a wonderful example of handicrafts of Kashmir. The artwork of the artisans of Kashmir is seen on the decoration of the kangri. The kangri made of clay bowl and wooden basket is decorated in their own way by local artists. It is this decoration that decides the price of the kangri. It is said that the price of a kangri can range from 200 to 2000 rupees]. A specially decorated kangri can be worth more than 2 thousand rupees.

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