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Solve The Puzzle Brain Test With Answers

Solve the Puzzle Brain Test


There are four hidden words (in English) that you need to find. They can be anywhere. If you are one of those who can solve this Hidden Word Solve the Puzzle Brain Test , then you are a smart minded individual.

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These puzzles are aimed at finding how much IQ and quickness you have. It determines how quick your brain works in solving the problems. You must quickly and thoroughly scan the whole picture before making any conclusions.

Here’s the picture of the puzzle :


solve the puzzle brain test Answers Picture


Well if you are unable to get the all four answers correctly, you can find the answer below. But you gotta try first for some time. Don’t give up pretty soon. Even if it takes time. Just give it a try.


The four hidden words in the picture are :

1) The window that is written on the curtains

2) The Brain, which lies there on the head of the boy sitting on the sofa

3) The third one is the lamp that is just at the upper right corner of the image.

4) Three are enough… You need to find the fourth one yourself in order to prove you are a GENIUS.

Write the answer (4th hidden word) in comments below. Sometimes the word is just there but we can’t find it.

Take the help of friends or elders in solving this puzzle.

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