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Buy Original Kashmiri Saffron Online At Cheapest Price | Best Quality Kashmir Saffron

Buy Original Kashmiri Saffron Online At Cheapest Rates | Best Quality Kashmir Saffron | Where to Buy Kashmir Saffron at Cheapest rates | Pure Kashmir Saffron | Kashmiri Saffron Price

If you are one among Saffron lovers and want to buy original Kashmiri saffron online or various attributed products like best quality Kashmir saffron, pure Kashmir saffron or Kashmiri Saffron Price or want to know where to buy Kashmir Saffron or about saffron seeds, saffron bulbs at cheapest and affordable price rates, then you are at right place.

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Have you ever heard of Saffron and want to buy original Kashmiri Saffron online the costliest spice in the world. It grows in Iran and some parts of Kashmiri saffron. Kashmiri Saffron has attained much attention over the years for its quality and medicinal properties.It is a type of unique spice that grows in the Pampore area of Pulwama district of Kashmir. It is a herbal spice that besides having healing properties is added to food beverages to increase the quantum of taste.


Buy Original Kashmiri Saffron Online Best quality kashmir saffron Pure kashmir saffron where to buy kashmir saffron Kashmiri saffron price

The Kashmiri saffron spice has been naturally rendered with a unique and peculiar scent, that further adds to its image. The dried saffron can also be turned into a powder that elevates the flavour to the dishes and cuisines.

There exist innumerable advantages of adding pure Kashmir saffron to our diet. There are many people out there, both in and out of the Kashmir valley, who want to buy the pure quality and hygienic Kashmiri saffron online or offline, but can not find a reliable outlet and at times get duped

There exist many online companies, suppliers, and exporters who deal and provide best quality Kashmir saffron at very high prices.

Before you buy original Kashmiri saffron online or are confused about where to buy Kashmir saffron or want to know Kashmiri Saffron price, buyers are bound to know about how to distinguish between a real and fake product in question. This not only helps them from getting the right product but also averts getting duped.

Kashmiri saffron, the costliest and the in-demand spice is actually derived from flowers of crocus. Its stigmas and styles are collected for preparing the dust saffron spice. Almost 75000 crocus flowers are blended to produce approximately 1 pound saffron spice.

How is Pure Kashmir Saffron Harvested? & Where to Buy Kashmir Saffron

So far as the harvest of best quality Kashmir Saffron is concerned, the only name that comes to mind is Pampore area of district Pulwama in Kashmir valley, though it is also produced in Budgam district in low quantity than the former. However, Pampore is known for excellent Kashmir saffron harvest and produces the spices on a large scale.

The Saffron growers cultivate crocus flowers on the vast field with the aid of many employees who have the know-how of its harvest. The purple colour of the crocus flower is worth seeing and seems like a carpet during its full bloom.

Besides, the harvesting procedure, many men and women are employed for packaging and processing of the saffron spice.

Is Kashmiri Saffron Cheap? What’s the Kashmiri Saffron Price | Buy Original Kashmiri Saffron Online | Where to Buy Kashmir Saffron | Kashmiri Saffron Price

Kashmiri saffron is unlike other spices when it comes to the price tag. One gram of the spice costs around $5 to $ 10 (₹ 350 to 600) and 1 kg of qualitative Kashmiri saffron costs around $3500. However, there are many online outlets that offer jaw-dropping discounts on processed Kashmiri saffron.

Uses of Kashmiri Saffron

Kashmiri Saffron can be put to use in many dishes, the tobacco industry, ayurvedic supplements. ( Where to buy Kashmir Saffron )In Kashmir, Kashmiri Saffron is added to Kehwa (Kashmiri tea) to add to its taste and healthy side. The famous Kashmiri wazwan is also rendered with Saffron that makes its already delicious taste more mouth-watering.

Saffron Farming :

Buy Original Kashmiri Saffron Online Best quality kashmir saffron Pure kashmir saffron where to buy kashmir saffron Kashmiri saffron price

Soil plays a significant role in the production of best quality Kashmir saffron. The very spice requires loamy, sandy or calcareous soil. Gravelly soil is also feasible for saffron farming, although clayey soil is not generally preferred for the cultivation of Saffron.

Saffron grows properly in acidic soil having a PH ranging from 5.5 to 8.5.(Buy Original Kashmiri Saffron Online)

Water Requirement

In order to grow pure Kashmir Saffron, the soil should not be watered more and must not be left dry but just a little moist.

Types of Saffron :

The cultivation of Saffron is done through corms that are underground compressed stems. There are three varieties of saffron cultivated in India, especially in Kashmir and they are:-

Aquilla Saffron

Creme Saffron

Lacha Saffron

Top Ingredients in Pure Kashmir Saffron / Health Benefits of Best Quality Kashmir Saffron

Kashmir saffron is laced with innumerable healthcare benefits and it has zero side effects. It contains 310 calories, 6gm fat, 148 mg sodium, and 65 mg total carbohydrates. Besides, it is equipped with 1724 potassium and Vitamin C – 134 %, Vitamin A – 10 % and Vitamin B6 – 50 %.

Why Buy Kashmir Saffron From Us? / Buy Original Kashmiri Saffron Online? Where to Buy Kashmiri Saffron? Pure Kashmir Saffron | Kashmiri Saffron Price

There exist a competitive market for Kashmiri Saffron with each party trying to sell the best quality Kashmir Saffron or pure Kashmir saffron at affordable price. The Kashmiri Saffron price ranges from 350 to 600 or even more, but we have partnered with Kong Posh Spices to provide you the saffron at cheapest rates than others.

Kong Posh Spices are best quality Kashmiri Saffron providers who have almost 30 years of experience in the business. The KP Spices own saffron fields at Pampore and provide pure Kashmir saffron at affordable prices.

Order best quality Kashmir saffron for marriage functions, personal use, health benefits or for other purposes. (Where to buy Kashmir Saffron)

You will get 100% original saffron from Kashmir directly to the customers and enjoy the purity of Kashmir at your doorsteps.

Where to buy Kashmir Saffron : In order to buy original Kashmiri saffron online in bulk or lesser quantity you can whatsapp on number 6006873634 and the whole information related to Kashmiri Saffron price will be provided to you.

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