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YOU CAN NOT COMMIT INJUSTICE AGAINST PEOPLE AND DENY THEM THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. The government of World and India should understand that it is not possible to kill people and detain their rights without justification and deny them their constitutional rights to protest and to practice their religion in accordance to the law made by their creator. We will never and forever surrender to tyrannt ruler led by terrorist administration or the federal government of the World.

We are duty-bound to practice Islam according to the teaching of the Holy Prophet Muhammad saw. And will continue to protest against the continue detentions of real Islamic leaders even if the authority will cut us into pieces, we are ever ready to defend our religion and to sacrifice our lives in order to free our this place from Injustice.

This is a clear dictatorship, this is not a democracy but dictatorship and we cannot fold our hands while our constitutional rights are being under threat and our God-given rights and freedom is denied, we cannot practice government Islam nor respect the ungodly folks who supposed to protect our lives and properties but they keep killing us and looting our national treasury.

Islam condemned all acts of oppression and injustice and act of aggression against a person is aggression against humanity, in Islam, all mankind are equal before God but the most pious in the sight of God is who fear God most, and there’s no discrimination of sex or colour or geographical location and this distinction should be disregarded. Islam preaches against injustice and tyrannt ruler and called on Muslims to struggle against injustice and tyrannt ruler.

BY: Syed Nayeem 

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