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Why do White Bumps form Under the Eyes?

Why do White Bumps form Under the Eyes?

The white bumps that form under the eyes are what is called milia. They are similar to whiteheads but the difference is that milia bumps do not have on the surface of the skin an opening. Milia are usually filed with keratin. This is a hard white substance and there is no need of freaking out since they are not dangerous nor are they life-threatening. Maybe what you will have to worry about is that they may be annoying when you are looking to have a flawless, fresh-looking face.

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It is essential to take care of your body every day, and this should be a priority before anything else. Taking care of the body helps to prevent diseases and all your body organs must be cared for. All the body organs are essential because without one our bodies will not function as they are supposed to.


For instance, without proper care for your eyes, you may be infected with several eye diseases which you could have otherwise gotten rid of. Proper eye care is needed every day if you are keen at keeping your organs and the body at large free of diseases.


Taking care of your overall body from the eyes, skin, and nails to the feet is a sure way of staying healthy. Most people have tried to understand the causes of white bumps forming under the eyes. They form when sebum oil and dead skin cells are trapped under the top layer of the skin. These cells thus turn into tiny cysts that will look like white beads that form just the skin surface. This can occur even on the skin, inner cheek, mucous membrane, or even the border of your lips. Under normal conditions, these whiteheads will rapture and get lost but Millia forms a thin cover that results in a cyst and thus will not rapture naturally.


In addition, this can be caused by a condition known as Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis. They agree that this is caused by two components: an immunological reaction and a mechanical reaction that is caused by the lenses we wear. The immunological reaction is when there is deposits that build up on the lenses. This may be caused by your own tear lipids, preservatives use for the lenses, environmental allergens that accumulate on the lenses, and in some cases the material that is used in making the lenses.


Even though Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis is much less endemic today, it poses a major eye irritant that can cause the eyes to form white bumps. One can therefore effectively manage Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis by switching to daily disposable lenses that get rid of the coating in totality since these types of lenses are thrown away daily and are not exposed to disinfecting solution. Most people have this condition because they have been wearing their contact lenses beyond the replacement cycle and maybe are sometimes slow or less frequent in cleaning the lenses.

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