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Gulliver in Lilliput Answers | Chapter 2 Class 9th English

Class 9th English | Chapter 2 | Gulliver in Lilliput Answers | PDF Download

The title of the Chapter 2 of Class 9th English is Gulliver in Lilliput. The story tells us about an individual, named Gulliver who washes away to a strange island inhabited by extremely minutes humanly creatures known as Lilliputs. The lesson has been divided into two parts.The Gulliver in Lilliput answers of both these parts are given below. You can pdf download them for offline reading.

Q1. Why did Reldresal visit Gulliver?

Ans. Redresal paid a visit to Gulliver on behalf of his emperor to have secret talk with him. He wanted to discuss some important problems of the state with Gulliver.

Q2. How did Gulliver receive Reldresal?

Ans. Gulliver welcomed Reldresal very honourably. As the officer is very tiny, Gulliver offered to lie down, so that he might talk to him without any difficulty. But the officer asked Gulliver to hold him on his palm near his mouth.

Q3. What were the two political parties in Lilliput? What was their difference?

Ans. People of Lilliput were divided into two political parties – High Heels and Low Heels named after the styles of the heels of their shoes. They were at daggers drawn with each other and the High Heels were larger in numbers.

Q4. Why was the Government in the hands of the low heel though they were less numerous than the high Heels?

Ans. It was because the emperor and most of his ministers were in favour of the Low Heels in spite of the prince’s sympathy with the High Heels.

Q5. What was the external danger that the country had to face?

Ans. The external danger for Lilliput was the threat of an invasion by the emperor of Blefuscu, another great empire; The two countries had been at war for the last three years.

Q6. What was the question of religious principle that gave rise to the war between Lilliput and Blefuscu?

Ans. The religious tradition of breaking eggs at the bigger end had ……. 

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Gulliver in Lilliput answers Class 9th English Pdf download Chapter 2

Gulliver in Lilliput Answers | Part 2 Solutions

Q1. Where was Blefuscu situated and what separated it from Lilliput?

Ans. Blefuscu was an island empire located to the North-East of Lilliput. An 800 meters wide and 5-6 feet deep sea-channel separated it from Lilliput.

Q2. Why did Gulliver avoid appearing on the North-Eastern Coast of Lilliput?

Ans. Gulliver did so as a careful step against the enemy. He didn’t want that the enemy should know about his presence in Lilliput and become cautious. So, he hid behind a hill to judge the situation.

Q3. How deep was the channel? What were the devices with which Gulliver armed himself?

Ans. The channel was 5-6 feet deep. Gulliver prepared fifty thick cords using thin strings and 50 strong hooks using thin iron wires. He tied a hook to the end of each cord, so that he might hook each warship and drag it to the coast of Lilliput.

Q4. Why did Gulliver seek the advice of the most experienced sailors?

Ans: Gulliver did so, to get the first-hand knowledge about the channel that separated the two empires) His aim was to prepare himself fully and get a victory for Lilliput. He planned his action on the basis information that he got from the experienced sailors.

Q5. What did the Blefuscan soldiers do, while Gulliver was fastening hooks to the warships?

Ans. The Blefuscan army was about 30,000 soldiers….

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