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Child Riding On A Cloud Video in Saudi Amazes All

Child Riding on A Cloud Video in Saudi Goes Viral


A video captured by a Saudi resident has gone viral after it canvased some mysterious cloud showing a child riding a bird. Child Riding On A Cloud Video in Saudi has become a point of debate on Social media platforms.

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A Riyadh resident namely Abdul Karim Al Majed saw some unusual clouds in the shape of a ‘child riding a bird’ on his way to his vacation in Thadiq last Friday

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The video went viral on social media with some calling it photoshopped while others say it could be a psychological phenomenon called “Pareidolia.”


The video clearly shows a child on top of a large winged bird. Well some call it a fake while others relate it to just an illusion of mind.


The video and photos has been the point of debate among the users of social networking sites over the past two days. They also explained that it is a state that makes the mind respond to linking random shapes it sees with a real reality, such as imagining a picture of a human being on the moon or on the clouds.

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