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Casual workers of PHE still waiting for Regularization : Tasleema Akhter

Casual workers of PHE still waiting for Regularization: Tasleema Akhter

Baramulla July 7: Senior JKPC leader and Social activist working for hope for hopeless people Rafiaabad Baramulla Tasleema Akhter demanded the government to take the necessary steps for the regularisation of the ITI trained casual workers of the Jalshakti (PHE) department.

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She said that during the time of appointment the government had promised they will regularise the ITI workers of the Jalshakti (PHE) department after 07 year time period, but to this date, no such promise has been fulfilled upon the ground levels.
Tasleema Akhter said that the genuine demands of the ITI-trained casual workers should be fulfilled on an immediate basis which are working in the Jalshakti (PHE) department for the last 16 years. ITI-trained workers are well educated and technically trained to have valid ITI diplomas in the department.
These workers are fulfilling their duties with honesty and dedication, but are working in the department upon the low salaries.
“It is unfortunate that the Minimum Wages Act has not been implemented in favour of all the temporary employees of Jammu and Kashmir which is already approved by the Supreme Court of India. Regularisation is the genuine right and demand of all the workers which are working in different departments,” she said
Tasleema requested the government to regularise ITI-trained casual workers of the Jalshakti ( PHE) department on a fast-track basis so they can’t suffer more.
“The government should regularise all temporary workers which are working in various departments of Jammu and Kashmir.
We will continue our support for the genuine demands of all types of casual workers in Jammu and Kashmir, till the demand is fulfilled by the government,” Tasleema added.

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