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Unknown Video Chat Trap In Kashmir | Be Cautious

The Game of Unknown Video Calls / Video Chat With Girls in Kashmir  : Read the Story

As the technology has advanced, so have the crimes increased in the frequency. And one such example is the video call menance that entices a person to first get entraped in illicit and immoral video chat with nude or semi nude girls and then getting blackmailed. These things have surfaced in Kashmir too, where a lot of people became victims of this game.

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Read one of the story and beware of such social evils :

While sitting in library, and concentrated on my studies, I got a video phone call from an unknown number. I picked up the call and got shocked to see a female undressing herself while I was on the call. The call was muted while I tried to speak from my end. However the person from the other side didn’t respond back and had recorded the call.


I got a few more calls but I didn’t pick up. Now, I see that the person on the call was a male using some illicit content to lure men into his trap and later blackmail them. Similar thing happen, and I got several calls for money from the number.


Now he is sharing the screenshots and video of the call to my friends as I have not given the amount; which was three lakh rupees in this case.


Dear friends, please stay away from such calls and ignore if you also receive similar photos or calls from the number.


I have reported it to cyber police and they have assured that the necessary action would be taken, while they track his location at the earliest.


Before, something like this happens to you. Just take this story as a lesson and a reminder in order to avoid getting entrapped in such distressing situations.


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