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Track or Check Your Heart Rate Using Smartphone’s Camera

Check Your Heart Rate Using Android Or iOS Smartphone Cameras


The technology is touching new heights with each passing day. And the recent example being an app created by Google itself called as Google Fit. Now you can track your heart rate using the camera of your device. It works on both Android and iOS smartphones. It can check your heart rate just by using your camera.

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In order to install and use the app , follow the steps below :


Go / Visit the Google Play Store and punch in Google Fit app in the search box or you can install the app from link below

Click here to download

  1. Open and Launch Google Fit app on your smartphone.
  2. If your device is laded with the feature, you will be able to see a ‘Check your heart rate’ option on the home page. Tap on that.
  3. The next thing you have to do is to place your fingertip over the rear camera lens of your smartphone.
  4. You have to be mindful of the fact you execute the application in a bright location. The app performs better in well illuminated areas. You can meanwhile use flashlight of your smartphone too
  5. As soon as the app starts performing it’s intended tasks of measuring the heart rate, the user will be able to see a message  saying “Detecting the pulse in your fingertip. Keep your hand still and apply light pressure.”
  6. The app takes almost 25-30 seconds to measure your heart rate. After 30 seconds the users will be able to see your heart rate on a new window.
  7. If you wish to save your heart rate measurement, you can tap on ‘Save measurement’ button on the screen.

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