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Plant your Own Lemon Tree From Seed At Home

Plant your Own Lemon Tree How to Grow Lemon Tree Faster At Home  There are many reasons why you should grow your own lemon tree. Once your tree starts blooming it will give off a wonderful citrus scent and you will really enjoy eating your own homemade organic lemons.

There is no greater pleasure than that! Lemons thrive primarily in hot weather, but can also do so in cold weather if planted indoors. Your tree will be able to produce lemons after 3-6 years, but watching a seed you plant is the most fascinating and exciting experience.

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Plant your Own Lemon Tree from Seed At Home

So if you want to grow your own lemon tree from a seed, here’s what you need to do:
  1. Use seeds from organic lemons because they are healthier.
  2. Use natural fertilizer to fertilize the soil in the pot.
  3. Your planter should be at least 15cm deep and 15cm wide.
  4. Your seedling pot should be 30cm deep and 60cm wide.
  5. If you plan to grow your tree indoors, you will need a grow light.
Plant your Own Lemon Tree From Seed At Home
Plant your Own Lemon Tree From Seed At Home  How to plant your tree:
  1. Your potting soil should be moist, not soggy.
  2. Put the soil in the planter.
  3. Cut a lemon open and remove the seed. Remove all of the pulp from the seed.
  4. Quickly place the seed in the center of the pot.
  5. Spray some water over the seeds.
  6. Cover your pot with a plastic bag and seal the edges with some rubber. Use a pencil to make some holes.
  7. Put your pot where it’s warm.
  8. Regularly spray your planted seed with water. You need to keep the soil moist.
  9. Take out the plastic bag after 2 weeks once the seed has sprouted.
  10. Keep the soil moist and add some natural fertilizer. The pot should be exposed to light for at least 8 hours a day.
  11. If you notice any insects or diseases attacking your plant, use a small amount of pesticide to protect your plant.
  12. Once the plant has outgrown the small pot, place the plant in the large pot. Don’t forget to keep the soil moist.

Plant your Own Lemon Tree From Seed At Home

Once your plant starts producing lemons, you’ll know your hard work has paid off. We know that buying lemons is much easier, but growing your own lemon tree is a unique and wonderful experience.

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