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Omicron Wave : Experts Warn of Fashionable Masks | India Issues Guidelines for States

Omicron Wave Prompts Experts to Issue New Guidelines


Omicron, the highly contagious Covid-19 variant is taking the world back to fighting the disease from the scratch. It’s 3 times more infectious than it’s predecessor, thereby prompting the countries to go for harsher restrictions. The Omicron wave has just begun and it could go worse in future.

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The Indian government has too issued guidelines for all the states to curb the spread of this new variant. Following are some of the guidelines regarding the Omicron wave:


  • Prepare War Rooms
  • Door to Door searches
  • Contact tracing
  • Imposing restrictions , whenever states find it necessary
  • Accelerate and ensure 100% vaccination


Furthermore, the fashionable masks that have been circulating in the markets should be avoided as they serve no less than a joke while guarding against the virus.

Experts have suggested double or triple later masks rather than going for fashionable coverings. Fashionable masks aren’t reliable.

“They can be really good or really terrible,” depending on what fabric is used, said Trish Greenhalgh, professor of primary health care services at the University of Oxford.

The main issue with a cloth covering is they don’t have to meet any kind of health standard, says Greenhalgh. In contrast, those manufacturing N95 respirator masks, for example, have to make sure they filter out 95% of particles.


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