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We’re Stuck Between War & Academics, say Kashmiri Students in Ukraine

Kashmiri students in Ukraine Feel Caught Between War & Academics


Russia-Ukraine war is going haywire day by day , the non local students including Kashmiri students in Ukraine fear for their lives. The students are not able to find an escape from the war zone as the country is on ‘No flight mode’ currently. The parents of students feel tense likewise who demand safe evacuation of their wards.

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“It’s like a death trap here. You fear missiles inside shelters and fret over the bloody situation on the streets.”

What’s more bizzare is that they can’t leave the country even if they are given an option. And that’s due to campus compulsions.


An official at the Indian embassy responded to an SOS from a Kashmiiri student : “The officials at the Indian embassy are staying put in Ukraine and you don’t have to worry. Don’t create unnecessary panic. Russia won’t attack,”


Meanwhile Ukrainian universities had turned down students’ requests to attend classes online from home, leaving them with no choice but to stay put amidst the tense conditions.


Why Do Kashmiri Students in Ukraine Feel Helpless?


As per the rules in most of the Ukrainian Universities , the students have to sit for a work-up—an exam which they’re mandated to qualify for. In case the student fails to sit for the exam, he/she will have to pay a fine and request for a re exam. It’s quite a torturing process, says Shahid Habib, a student from Kashmir in Ukraine


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