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Queasy Indian Students in Ukraine Share Their Experience

Messages of Indian Students in Ukraine


With the situation in Ukraine not seeming to improve, many Indian students in Ukraine are in a moment of shock like their parents back home. Some of them share their emotions and the experience in Ukraine right now:

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Ashita Soni Says :


“Yesterday my friends were going to Kyiv when there was a bomb blast. We were stopped midway and turned back,”

“If we call the Indian embassy and ask what we should do and where we should go, they have no response at all. They are not answering,”. The ticket price has also soared up to 70k that is unaffordable for a middle class family.



Junaid Khan Says : 


Junaid Khan, a 3rd year medical student was scheduled to board a flight to Delhi on Sunday but the situation turned something else.


“I really hope that Indians are evacuated. I don’t know if you know this but two major cities of Ukraine have been taken over by the Russian army. We are actually scared…patrolling is going on,” he said.


“The Indian embassy number we used to call was changed without us being told. The Indian embassy shifted from Kyiv to L’viv,” said Junaid.



He had a message for people back home, but not for his parents. “I want to say to all other families – I wish we all come back soon. I want my parents and other parents not to worry and trust in the government. We will come back soon,” he said.


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