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Want to Play Games on Smartwatch | Best Trick For Android | Apple Watch Users

Can We Play Play Games on Smartwatch | Answer is Yes! Here’s How to Know the Trick For Android | Apple Watch Users


You might be wondering about questions like Can we play games on Android smartwatches, Smartwaches to play games on like we do on our smartphones or want to know how to play games on your smartwatch and that too without downloading. Well here we have got a trick that enables you to play games on smartwatches like Samsung Galaxy Watch, Apple Watch. You don’t have to download and install them. You need to make clear that the game is compatible for smartwatches. And the real trick is possible through a concept called HTML5.

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What is HTML5 

If you are not aware of this thing, HTML5 is actually a markup language that used to present content on a browser. The HTML5 language is also used to create and program games that can be played directly on a browser with an active internet connection.

If you are eager and anxious to know how to play HTML5 based games on your smartwatch, you can follow these steps.

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1. The First Step : 

Need to have a smartwatch first! Hoo ha. You first need to copy the link of any HTML5-based game that you would like to play on your smartwatch (e.g Game Example) and text it on the number paired with your wearable. You have to use a separate smartphone to do this.


2. The Next One 

Once you receive the text message, click on the link. Land on the 3rd step.


3. The Third One

The access link to the game will now open on the default web browser of the smartwatch. And there you are! Seeing the game being run on your smartwatch.

4. Last One

You can follow the above-mentioned steps for any other HTML5-based game as well but you should make sure that the game is optimised and compatible for smartwatches.

Share the trick with your friends and amaze them. Don’t forget to express your experience in the comment section.

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