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Khaar e Zaleel : Discrimination of Failures Continues in Kashmir

Khaar e Zaleel, Cxe Karakh Ne Kehein : Failures in Exams Are Not Allowed To Exist in Kashmir


Success and failures are part and parcel of life. Life, since the first messenger of Allah and first human , Adam (A.S) , has been surprising with ups and downs. There’s no harm in saying that Life is more about failures than successes. But if we make a perception of life being all the way perfect, then we would never be able to remain satisfied in our life. Unfortunately, such kind of perception harbours in Kashmir wherein almost every parent expects more from the child in terms of academics. I am not saying a parent should brush off his/her child’s academic performance but there is a need to counsel him rather than pass jibes at him in times of underperformance.

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The parents in Kashmir are not really acquainted with the real education system. It feels like they want their pupils to study 24*7 without a break. There’s no concept of taking weekend breaks in Kashmer nor in any local school of valley. There’s no concept of counselling the strayed or digressed children. Rather, we have the knowledge of many demotivating phrases like Darbadar, Cxe Karakh Be Kehen, Cxe Draakh Ni Kehen, Cxe Gokh Khaar e Zaleel, etc. 

How good it had been, if we, as parents motivated our children in difficult times, when they need us the most. The support a parent shows to his pupil determines the child’s perception of his parents. If the blood relationships won’t come into play during the tense times, then there can’t be a better example of getting failed than this. Demotivating your children yields nothing but it elevates the levels of stress.

There are many children out there who are subjected to mental torture just for failing in exams. They are made to believe they are a waste and that’s what they take themselves then for the rest of their life. We see such such instances in Kashmer too at the time of board results.

Furthermore, the education system in Kashmer is still clinged to ancient methods that further adds to the reason of student’s failure in exams. Our education system is full of flaws and errors. The existing curriculum lacks practicality. It mostly focuses on theories rather than practicals. The students learn the questions without even knowing what they are learning. They are judged on what they write in their answer sheets rather than what they know.

This is high time that we introspect and make necessary changes both to our conventional mindset and education system so that the future generations could live in an environment of positivity where failures are taken just like a skipped meal.


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