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Best Country to Migrate From India

Best Country to Migrate From India

With a population of 130 million, traffic jams, and the lack of good strawberries, the usual destinations for Indian migrants have become unaffordable. Unfortunately, the Middle East is not the most inviting place to emigrate, and the USA and UK are increasingly hostile to migrants. To help you decide which country is the best choice for your immigration needs, we’ve listed 5 options for countries that accept Indian passport holders.

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is another country that is a good fit for Indians who want to live in Europe and run their own businesses. With modern cities, a thriving tech and manufacturing sector, and vibrant cultural interactions, Finland is a fantastic place to retire and raise a family. If you don’t have any work experience or education, Germany has a Job-Seeker visa that will let you work in the country for 6 months. It is not difficult to find a job in Germany with this visa and a minimum annual income of EUR40,000.

Best Country to Migrate From India


is a good option for Indians if you want to live in a country that is very open and tolerant. It is a relatively small nation, with a liberal immigration policy. It is a good place to retire, raise a family, and enjoy the country’s quality of life. Furthermore, it has many benefits, including free healthcare, state-sponsored education, and a safe, clean environment.

Best European Country to Migrate From India

For those looking to retire or start a business in Europe, Germany is an excellent choice. The country has an extremely low cost of living, modern cities, a vibrant tech and manufacturing industry, and a rich culture that is highly accepting of migrants from India. Additionally, despite not being an ideal place to start a business in Germany, you can still be employed without any experience. For those seeking work, the government offers a Job-Seeker visa that is valid for six months and allows you to obtain a job that earns a minimum income of EUR 40,000 annually.

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is an excellent option. The country is affordable and very exotic, which is why it’s a top candidate for best country to migrate from India. If you’re a skilled professional, you can move to the UK to fill in the skills gaps in many industries. Moreover, life in the UK is familiar for most applicants, as English is the dominant language. The large Indian population makes it a popular relocation destination for people from India.

In addition to the EU, the UK is a great place to settle. The country is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The country has a stable economy and few religious clashes. While it’s not a perfect destination for emigration from India, the UK is one of the best countries to migrate from India. These countries have excellent opportunities for people with a variety of skills and backgrounds.


home to the world’s largest population of migrants, with nearly 15 million emigrating overseas in 2015. As of 2015, India had the highest proportion of international migrant population, making it the best country to migrate from India. There’s no doubt that the UK is a good place to raise children, and a country with a low ethnic composition makes it an excellent choice for expatriates.


is a great place to live and work. This country has an equal gender ratio and the best welfare system in the world. It’s also a good option for Indian students looking to study in Europe. The country is known for avoiding religious conflicts and is a welcoming place for immigrants. The Netherlands has an excellent education system and is a popular place to live and work. Its citizens speak English, making it easier to get by in a new country.


has been the most popular choice for Indian migrants in the past few decades. The country has a stable economy, a high standard of living, and a cosmopolitan population. The country is home to a number of immigrant communities, which make it a great place to live and work. For many Indians, a new life in a safe country is the ultimate goal. It’s a great country for expats who want a better lifestyle.

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